Meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but when it comes to whether to post or fish, I'm picking fishing

How I managed to fish even a little bit, is beyond me on Mother's Day, and seems to still be a mystery.

The wife wanted to go to Carver's and do a little hike, and imagine that, I found one that managed to pass by some Brookie water

We had an excellent meal as always at Carver's, grabbed a few gallons of cider (One for the kids for now, and one for me to spoil to hard cider), and headed to the trail

Grabbed this guy on the hike in

Mom was enjoying her day hiking with her boys

Made it to the stream crossing for a "Break"

I rigged up and landed this guy on the first cast to the pool above the bridge. Sam was able to reel it in. So in some respects it's his first Brookie

Not too bad for a first one!

Thomas was still excited from his trout dinner the night before, and wanted to eat this one as well. We decided to put him back though.

I was able to fish for 10 minutes or so while the boys snacked and starting throwing rocks. I was able to land this beauty

Have you ever thought that you have caught the same fish twice? What about three times? After another trip to this stream that was cut short due to low water where again I believe I landed the same fish I started to look at my pics more closely. Spots all line up with the next one so I'm 99% sure, but other shot is flip side, and were several weeks apart so I'm 90% certain on that. What do you guys think?

I promise pics are all from 3 different days

Boys had a blast throwing rocks

We packed up and finished our hike. Thomas seemed to be hungry for everything this day, and the kid who is super picky and won't eat much tried some Bear Corn, and although it wasn't to his preference, he said we should leave it for the bears.

Mom had a good day, and the kids want to go back to the Smokies for some more camping, fishing, and hiking so I would say it was another success