I followed the great advice given to me, bought some of Lefy's yarn and headed to Miller's Island this morning. The place was packed so I picked my spot and started fishing. I felt the fishing activity was slow until I watched the guy 30 yards from me as he caught fish after fish. I would guess he caught 30 or more. I tried a red zebra midge, brown zebra midge, emergers, olive scud, olive split case, and several others with little luck. In did miss about 5 strikes that I wouldn't have even know about otherwise, but I only landed 2 fish. It was my slowest day on the clinch in years. I've been fly fishing for about four years but given my struggles the first year I would borrow a Dooley term and call that summernyear zero. So the question is....what are you guysbhaving luck with right now?