I was lucky enough to take a trip to Yellowstone and the Big Horn a couple years ago with some friends who are more experienced fly fishermen. It was an amazing trip. The last week of July I am setting out on another trip to Yellowstone with brother who is new to fly fishing and my brother-in-law. On my last trip I was sort of along for the ride but on this trip Iíll be the only guy with any Yellowstone experience so the burden of trip/stream planning is up to me. I fished the Lamar Valley the last time and due to water temps by late July my guess is that Iíll be fishing the area again this time. Here are a few streams I am considering, please let me know you would recommend these and of any others Iíve left off. I have a few hoppers and ants from my last trip in my fly box but to be honest I was slightly disappointed. I caught most of my fish with my basic flies of the Smokies so Iím not going all out with ďwesternĒ flies this go around.
Lamar River
Soda Butte
Slough Creek (first Meadow)
**** Roaring Creek (although Iíve read the Bears are a real concern here)
Tower Creek
Blacktail Deer Creek
Cache Creek (Once againÖBear could be an issue)

Any of you guys going to Yellowstone to fish this summer?