Hello Everybody,

I need some tips on accessing trout waters in the London/Corbin, KY area. I've heard that Cane Creek is a good place for trout fishing, but the directions on the KY Fish & Wildlife web site focus on the upstream portion where I just get lost in miles of trails and gravel roads and never have found much water. What is the best way to access the trout waters? I was wondering if the Rockcastle Connector 401A from Bee Rock might be more direct. Any suggestions?

Also, I was wondering if any portion of the Laurel River Tailwaters is accessible for fishing by foot. I know it's too steep and swift close to the dam, but according to the map it looks like the Sheltowee Trace Trail follows the Laurel River downstream to the Mouth of Laurel boat ramp where it flows into the Cumberland. But when I drove to the boat ramp, I didn't see the trail so I'm not sure how close it is to the water or how steep. F&W is supposed to release trout there and I was optimistic about checking it out, but I'm starting to wonder if it's off-limits for someone without a boat.

On a less-frustrated note, I did discover nearby Bark Camp Creek and found it to be a wonderful spot. It was easy to find and beautiful, and I'm hoping to find another sweet spot or two close to home. Thanks for any help you can offer!