Like the title says, I've been watching and browsing the forums for about a year now and finally decided to jump in on the discussions. I'm new to fly fishing and new to fishing for trout. I started fishing again last year when I decided to buy a kayak to get out on the water instead of sitting around the house. When it got hot last summer I started pushing further up the river where I saw some people fly fishing and decided to look into it. Next thing I knew I was hiking back looking for those little streams to fish. I'm up in Townsend almost every weekend and usually both days. I'm always looking for new streams to fish, mainly on the TN side, but occasionally slip into NC as long as I can make a day of it. That's about it really. I'm the guy that you see spending a lot of time trying to get my line out of the trees and I'm fairly sure I'm pro at tying mid air knots in my leader.