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Thread: fishing the "hooch"

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    Default fishing the "hooch"

    I heard a rummer about catching trout on the hooch on a pink san juan worm. Does anyone know any thing about this ? Sounds sketchy to me.

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    Seems like when I was down at my father I laws some time ago we went to maybe bass pro or some other shop and they were recommending a pink San Juan. A pink weenie( Barbie bug) should work too. Seems when you have a stocked stream or a stream that doesn't get a lot of pressure pink does well.Lynn

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    I've got many clients who call the Hooch home. They swear by pink SJ Worms. They also have a really good population of reproducing browns. I know somewhere else that has reproducing browns where a pink SJ Worm works well. ;-)

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    I would say based on limited experience but enough that they would eat them. Those fish were laughably easy to catch when I've fished there

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