Apologies for this being slightly OT, ( I could not find the firefly forum ) . Has anyone been up to see them glow in the dark critters? I was unable to secure a "pass" as that whole system somewhat aggravates me, and am wondering what will happen if I just show up there wanting to fish and then check out the bugs on the way out? I have read on the GSMNP website and have not really been able to determine what you can and can't do up there right now. It appears as though if I make it up before 5 pm, I will be fine, but again, not certain. Has anyone been up there the last few days? I believe the formal viewing dates are 6/6-6/13. How has the firefly action been? Seems like they sort of peak for a few days and then the show drops off. What about the fishing up the LRT the last few days? Anybody with recent trip reports? Thoughts in general about access during the firefly madness? I just don't want to bust it to get up there by 4:30 or so and discover the road blocked and waste a trip. Thanks folks! Tight lines.