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Thread: Norris weir work suspended for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77punk View Post
    i must have misunderstood your earlier post. this boat was pretty small, barely big enough for the dude and the 2 fly rods he had. there was a trailer in the parking lot that had a carrier in it, basically 2 wheels, 2 landscape timbers and a handle. i figured the guy in the little boat had to be the owner. i was hoping to connect the dots back to you so i could ask a few questions...
    I am usually in "Old Blue"; my trusty little aluminum boat. It is blue/black with the "Gasden Flag" Symbol on the side. I hope you and any other fellow forum members feel free to wave or give me a shout any time you see me on the water and want to say hello. I will try to help in any way I can. Most of all; I like to learn and meet new people.
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    Today's flow looks rather odd. Does anyone know if they are actually working on the Weir this week?

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