Usually I don't have a problem figuring out what I've caught but this little guy caught in the Oconaluftee has me a little confused. When I was bringing him in I first thought it was a brown cause I thought I saw the yellowish looking tail but once I had him in my hands it looked like a rainbow. Now looking back at the picture I think it might be a brown.

If it is indeed a brown I'll be a little bummed that I didn't drive back up to higher grounds in search for a brookie to get my first GSMNP grand slam but then again I'll be happy to catch a brown any day seeing how they are my holy grail (it will only be the 2nd one I've ever caught).

It was my first trip over to the Oconaluftee and for sure won't be my last. I only caught one other fish the whole and it was for sure a rainbow, no doubt there. A 2 fish day anywhere in the park is a good day for me. I had 4 others take a nymph but I just couldn't get a hook set on them. Something I need to work on.

Thanks in advance for identifying this one for me.