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    I was planning on taking my son and dad to Cosby campground tomorrow, but heard that they had some rough weather there yesterday. So, I decided to call the campground and ask, and found out that the only loop remaining open is A. Apparently there was a minor twister (although I cannot find a confirmation that it was a tornado) that touched down either in the campground or nearby and did quite a bit of damage. They had to relocate some campers in another section to loop A. I was told that what would normally be a quiet weekend with lots of availability is shaping up to be very busy and crowded. The ranger advised that I call before making the 1.5hr drive tomorrow to confirm how many sites are still available.

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    When I was watching the weather as it was happening, the worst of it looked like it was a little to the west of the Cosby campground. The possible tornado went into to the park near the sevier/cocke county line before crossing towards upper cataloochie and mt sterling. Expect blow downs in that area

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    found it! it was a twister, and confirmed. there is no mention of it on the similar page listing cocke county tornadoes

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    Smile A little more info

    Great Smoky Mountains News Release

    Release Date: Immediate

    Contact: Molly Schroer,
    Phone Number: 865-436-1203
    Date: June 14, 2013

    Storm Damage Causes Trail Closures in Cosby and Big Creek Areas
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park managers report that several trails in Cosby and Big Creek are closed due to extensive damage from the wind and rain during a late afternoon storm on Thursday, June 13. Other trails in the area may be closed as the park is continuing to assess the damage.

    Gabes Mountain Trail and Snake Den Ridge Trail in Cosby, and Baxter Creek Trail and Big Creek in Big Creek have been closed due to scores of downed trees. The trails are impassable by foot or horse.

    In addition to trail closures, the Park has also closed “B” Loop of Cosby Campground due to damage. There is no estimate for reopening the trails or the campground at this time.

    “We are in the process of assessing the condition of all of the trails within the storm affected area,” said acting Chief Ranger Steve Kloster. “Hikers and equestrians may want to confirm trail openings by contacting the Park’s Backcountry Office or by visiting our website before planning routes through this section of the Park.”

    The storm which hit hardest on the Northeastern most section of the park was the tail end of a storm system which hit the Midwest through much of Thursday. Air monitoring stations at Clingmans Dome and Look Rock recorded over sixty mile per hour winds during the time of the storm.

    For the most up to date closure information, visit the Park’s website at or call our Backcountry Office at 865-436-1297.


    Public Affairs Office Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    107 Park Headquarters Road
    Gatlinburg, TN 37738
    Dana Soehn, 865-436-1207
    Molly Schroer, 865-436-1203

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    Got back yesterday, and there was quite a bit of damage in the area. Loop A was not that bad, but there were a few big trees down. Loop B, which is higher up the hillside appeared to take more of a hit. The campground was absolutely full. We got there around 2:30 on Saturday and found about 10 sites open out of 64. By Saturday night at 8:00, there was only one remaining. I will try to post a trip report tonight after I get back home and sort through the pictures...

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