Ok, I would like to do some one nighters in the park. I want to hike in set up camp and hike out the next day, and fish as much as possible. So I am open to suggestions. Here is the real tricky part though. I work until 5pm in Maryville. I would really like to start this after I leave work on a Friday. I might even pull a two nighter at some point.

1. What are good backcountry sites near the Blount County side of the park that I could be at before dark? Figure being at trailhead by 6pm and hiking around 2 mph. (I don't hike fast.)

2. Has anyone been to CS 17? I was thinking about trying this one first, since it is probably the closest to my work place. (Yes, I know technically CS 1 is closer, but according to the little brown book, it does not sound like it is near good fishing water.) I've been back in this area, but I like exploring and trying new waters.

3. What are some of your favorite CS's? It seems like a lot of people on here like heading up LR Trail, and it is on my list, but what about other areas?

4. What are your must haves for a backcountry trip? (I'm an experience and equipped hiker, but I have not kept up on new gear tech in the last 15 years or so. Except for hammocks, I like my ENO DN.)


Also, anyone interested in joining me on a hike/fish trip?