I've got some family staying up at Tremont Campground this week for a family reunion so I came up to fish for some of the hatchery trout. I hit the water about 10am and fished until noon and returned to my car. I went back out about 1pm but this time with only my rod/reel and a small fly box and was only out for about 30 minutes before the start of the reunion at 2pm. I locked up the car and went up to the pavilion. I returned back to my car at about 430 to grab my gear and hit the water only to discover my car door unlock and some stuff missing.

Here is a list of some of the items missing...
Simms fly vest
Various fly boxes
one with nymphs
one with dry flies
one small fly box with streamers
LRO round 4 compartment boxes with larger nymphs
chest mount fly box
Simms fly patch
All the normal fishing tools (hemos, nippers, ect)
Wolf Moon Oval Net with the white plastic netting
GSMNP waterproof map, compass, small first aid kit, and a Vulcan fire piston
all those items were in a ziplock bag in the back pocket of the vest
GoPro Hero camera in the chest mount (32gb memory card)
White River creel with a small S&W boot knife attached to it

Like I said, my car was parked at Tremont Campground when the items were stolen. The police officer thought it could be kid that took the items seeing how they left 3 fly rods and a spinning rod setup and my laptop was also spared. Other people said they had been seeing tubers coming thru the campground as well. If anyone finds any of this stuff in the area please let me know. Feel free to call me @ (865) 200-1396 or drop any found items off at LRO.

Thank You,
Joel Hood