A wonderful CARE package arrived here yesterday from Hawkins County, Tennessee courtesy of Joe Fred Turner. For those of you not only enough to remember the old “CARE package” commercials on television in the 1960s, as I recall it was a gifts sent by the US to Third World countries like Costa Rica that contained food, tools, books and other essentials to lift people from poverty to effluence. The joke then was, if you were sent off to summer camp for “retraining,” you hoped someone would send you a CARE package that contained a few comic books, chewing gum and perhaps a map back to your home.
The package from Joe Fred did not have comic books or gum, but it had a bevy of maps. Thank you so much for sharing JF. These maps are the cat’s meow. I know you are proud of them and the family effort they represent, ‘cause if you are not, you darn well should be. If you do not have these maps in fly fishing inventory, you are missing out on what I consider to be the best single source of info on the trout fishing in the GSMNP. Hat’s off to you JF and clan.