I went up to Tremont Tuesday afternoon for a quickie. The radar showed no rain when I was in maryville but by the time I got up there, it was clear the upper section had just gotten a cloudburst. The water was good and stained, but not the normal chocolate color. It was white/grey from the road dust being washed down. Having no idea how much was headed down from further up, I stayed on the road side of things. The level was pretty good though. The fishing was slow at first but as it cleared a little, it picked up. I managed about 8 or so in the 7-8" range, dropped a 9"Er I brought toward as I was trying to get a picture, and that ended up being my best to hand. I lost two or three really good ones that gave me a good fight and managed to collect a handful of free flies from the trees. Unfortunately, I had to leave about 6:45, when the fishing was getting really good. The rain probably pushed everyone else out, because I didn't see anyone else fishing up there or really many cars along the whole road. Sorry, I haven't uploaded my pics, but the only ones I have are of the smaller ones anyway. Just imagine a 7" skinny rainbow. That was the typical catch.

Every single hit was on the pink weenie and the good fish were hanging at the very end of the runs. You pretty much had to let the fly go over the edge, or else you would miss them all together. It also meant the cloudy water was a big advantage because when the are holding that far back, they are easy to spook.