Joel (Float On) had posted in the Hook-up thread about wanting to make a trip to Greenbrier this weekend which I responded, and while the water was a little on the high side for Greenbrier (1.6 at Bridge where 1.8 is good kayaking low) we did get to do some Smoky Mountain fishing

Sorry ChemAngler. I was a bit of a pick-pocket and stole one of the three secret streams you keep in your back pocket, and took Float On there

Don't worry I swore him to secrecy Is that enough to get me a pardon?

We hiked in uphill to the put-in. Joel was feeling it, and said he needed do some more Smokies trips to get in shape. Once we hit the trail intersection it was down hill to the creek. Once there I hit a few pools as Joel rigged up.

And a minute later

Usually it's Freddie who is all rigged up fishing while I'm still getting ready. It pays to be rigged up

Am I the only one who notices the Bee Balm in the Smokies smell a lot different from what grows in my garden?

Joel finally got rigged up, and it wasn't too long before he had this nice fish to hand

For me it was Hammertime

Joel soon had another decent fish to hand. Not too bad for a newby

Will Continue in another post after dinner