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    The ICAST Show in Las Vegas this week made for an interesting trip. I had not been to the desert town since the 2012 SHOT Show. Long gone are the 49-Cent breakfast buffets and $2.99 prime rib specials that used to make going to Vegas generally tolerable. If you are not interested in gambling as am I, the town is actually redundantly boring.

    The year the fly fishing folks teamed up with the rest of Angledom. It was not exactly a shotgun marriage, but I am pretty sure they did not kiss to consummate the union. I saw little in the way of break through products. Hardy/Greys is changing hands. However, earlier this year the same thing happened with Scientific Anglers/Ross (to Orvis), but it was the same folks as usual from 3M and no sign of Orvis at the show. In terms of how the show went for us, I do not think it could have gone better. We broke the bubble with all but three of our targeted advertisers, and landed a couple we were really shocked gave STM the time of day. It’s a about time, because Mrs. Kirk informed me that she was not going to subsidize this folly much longer.

    The best part of the show was seeing old friends. One was Ray Lynch, head of marketing for Realtree. Heck, he was there on vacation at the show if you can believe that!! When Brocky Ray and I had the hunting magazines we took Ray fishing all over the country. He is a fishing nut. He took him up and down Hazel Creek more than a few times. Unfortunately, after the incident in New Orleans in 1992, Bill Jordon forbade Ray from going anywhere in public with Brock and me. Ray like all of the rest of the fellows I knew well in those days has gotten old. This is better than the alternative which has claimed a few like Arron Pass.

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