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    Default Thoughts on 21?

    Can anyone offer thoughts on site 21? Only saw one opinion while looking at old reviews and it was not really a positive review. I would like to go to 24 but have two new folks going with me and was concerned that that may be a bit too far for them.

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    Thumbs down

    I think it sucks!
    In fact any new campsite the park service will make in the future will suck. I'm all about LNT and trying to minimize impact, but think they have gone too far.
    All new sites are clear away from water sources so the nasty campers won't contaminate the stream. Are all off the trail so you don't ruin the experience of day hikers having to look at campers while walking the trail. The park hires some Penn State LNT guru guy to build all the new campsites. Heard of the soup Nazi, this guy is a LNT Nazi

    A buddy who has hiked all the trails and is now working at staying at all the campsites in the park assures me all the new ones are like that.

    21 is Ok except that there aren't many tent sites that are even somewhat flat. Getting water requires you drop through the steep stuff that I sure wouldn't want my children or wife to do. It's also a bit exposed to the wind. I was all siked up to stay there till I actually did

    Does give you good access to LR and is an easy hike

    Just get your water on your way in before you hike the last .3

    Sorry if I sound so grumpy in my remarks

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    on't be sorry. I want the straight answer. Just was trying to find a good site reasonable for two new guys on that side of the park. I am personally a little tired of 18 and I worry about 24 being too far for their first trip. But I want to get them to a good site.

    I appreciate your response. Thanks!

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    24 is only another mile and a half from there and it's a fairly easy walk.... A lot more fishing options from can start fishing right at the campsite and bag a slam without changing water.

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    I agree with these guys 21 is a terrible spot. I have stayed there and the whole site becomes basically a swamp when it rains. Luckily I had a hammock. It is too far from water source and the river. Not a great fishing base camp. 24 is much better. I am sure the NPS will phase out many of the good fishing sites like 24 eventually for the reasons ducky pointed out. I have also stayed at the new cs 46 over on Indian Creek on the NC side of the park and it is very similar to 21 not good.

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    Thanks! I apprecate the info. I will look at something else. I want to do 24 but it is probably too far for my son's buddies who have not been before. Probably will do 18 then.

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