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Thread: Fishing Road Prong - 7/13

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    Default Fishing Road Prong - 7/13

    My son, Andy, and I went to Road Prong on Saturday. It's been off limits because of the Chimney Tops trail closure since January until July 4 so I figured it was high time to see some familiar and favorite water. The water was still high (but very fishable) and the brookies were suffering from extreme memory loss ("Sure looks like lunch to me!"). It was my son's best day ever with a fly rod (numbers wise) and he out-fished his old man despite the fact that it's been a year since he picked up a rod. Humbling to say the least.

    Got to meet Andy from Aiken SC on the stream. A hugely polite guy who saw our wet boot prints, came up stream to say hello and then disappeared to move to another part of the stream. Great to meet you, Andy, if you're out there.

    The creekscape had changed significantly in several places as a result, I'm sure, of the same rain events that knocked out the Chimneys trail first bridge. For those who have fished between the fourth and fifth bridges, it's worth a trip up to see some of the changes. One huge old tree trunk that seems to have come from the old Peg Leg Falls explosion, was quite a ways down stream (check it out Ducky and see if it doesn't look familiar).

    Great day for father and son with beautiful weather, beautiful stream and more than willing fish. Thank God for special days like that one.
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    I've been curious how my favorite stream was doing. About 6 months ago, I encountered quite a few large trees in the stream that were not easy to get around.

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