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Thread: Elk River trip last week

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    Default Elk River trip last week

    I spent a few days at Elk Springs Resort in WV. Nice place.

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    I've fished it. I wasn't so impressed but then again I didn't know the area and didn't hire a guide. It's beautiful but nothing I can't find near home. Good to see you got to go though.

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    Great pic second shot, my fishing buds and I ski patrol western nc but hit Snow
    shoe as often ad we can. We always talk about bringing the rods in early and late season. If you get off at the White Sulphur Springs exit it takes you past the Greenbriar resort gates andt akes you thru the Monangala. Forest (sure I misspelled). In spring and fall always cars pulled off casting spinners and flys. Thanks for the info I always love hearing about new waters, I get spoiled having the Clinch and Smokies in my backyard!
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