Today was water sample day for those of us volunteering with the park fisheries dept. in the acid deposition study. Steve Darnell and I carpool since he lives a mile away from me. We met Dan Gaubas, and Charlie Barton (Nvr2L8 ) at park headquarters at a bright and early 8 AM. One good thing about starting that early is that you can cruise through Pigeon Forge while the tourons are still sleeping. Our team is in charge of the "Road Prong" sampling sites which starts at Indian Gap off Clingmans where we hike a 1/3 mile down to the headwaters of Road Prong soon after it comes to the surface. We continue at several spots along 441, Alum Cave, Walker and Road Prong at the Chimneys trailhead, Chimneys Picnic, and finally at Park Headquarters where the West Prong leaves the park. It a lot of fun driving around the mountains with 3 other people that love trout fishing and the Smokies. I always seem to learn a thing or two, and since you are already in the Smokies, you might as well go fishing afterwards

Steve is recovering from Knee surgery and wanted me to find a flatter creek where it might be easier for him to get around. I thought and thought and just couldn't come up with anything in the Smokies that fit that description After driving up the mountain to see the rain start a pretty good downpour we drove back down to get cell service to check the radar. Radar confirmed it wasn't going to last long and we headed up the mountain once again. Found the spot to jump in and it didn't look nearly as friendly as I remembered it

Now headed back down the mountain and into the depths of **** (Gatlinburg) where we only had a small tangle with the devil before escaping to our destination.

Things started off pretty good

Mostly little guys like this

Steve fishing a little pool

And the "Dead Giveaway" shot

One of Steve's nicer fish

While the fishing was not "Speck-takular" it was pretty good.

Will continue