After only getting to fish one Wednesday in the last 2 weeks in the park, it was time to fling some flies.

While hiking trips the last few weeks have been fun with Mac and Colby down Boulevard trail to LeConte and Down Alum Cave, as well a SMHC trip to Tomahawk Falls, and hiking with the kids out to Andrews Bald, it's still not the same as fishing.

Since I lost a bet with Freddie, I was to drive and buy breakfast. He tried to not let me pay, but a bet is a bet and I lost

Got to the stream and was surprised at how much flow there was. Must have been a pretty good storm the stain the water so much. Fish weren't all that bothered.

I love this stretch of river

He may not be in camouflage but with posture like this the fish don't know

If the fishing isn't good this place is worth it just for the scenery

But we weren't here for the scenery

Freddie works a nice pool

I still have a lot to learn. Here I give Freddie a shot before I scare the whole pool for retrieval

Will continue