Since I only worked half a day on Friday and seeing rain during the weekend, I decided to make a quick run up Sam's. My cousin was supposed to go with me but bailed at the last second. I hit the trail around 1pm. Right at the foot bridge I met an older gentleman walking out with a fly rod. After talking to him for a minute I found out that he was coming back from Sam's but didn't go up as high as I normally go. He told me the fishing was great but didn't catch any fish. I know that feeling very well.

I made my way up and started hitting the spots where on previous trips I had good luck. The brookies weren't being very cooperative. I tried never-sinks, barbie bugs, tellicos, green winnies, and adam's. They just didn't seem interested in anything I tied on. I managed to go up higher than any of my other trips and I managed to find a few hungry brookies. 2 of them were probably the largest ones I caught up there and 1 I'm fairly sure is the smallest I've ever caught. I ended up having to hunker down under the rhodo for about 15 minutes so a fairly heavy rain shower could pass. Glad it was a short lived rain, I'm afraid it would have been miserable walking down that trail back to the car. It takes me a good hour to walk back out.

I was on high alert on the walk back out. I guess it's the sound of the crickets or locusts or some kind of bug up there sounds just like a rattlesnake. Last year when I was walking back out I almost stepped right on a rattlesnake. He was a little guy at about 4 1/2 feet long. I had a lot of momentum coming down the trail and had to make a small hop from the top of a rock down to the trail. About the time my feet left the rock I saw a snake stretched out across the trail. As soon as my feet hit the dirt he curled up and started rattling. We've dubbed them "Smoky Mountain Detour Signs". I was low enough on Sam's that I could cross over and still find the trail and continue on my way. After that day I tend to slow down, listen to everything, and keep an eye out for anything that moves.

I didn't get to many pictures this time around due to relying on my gopro camera. I was in so much of a hurry to get up there that I didn't check my batteries. I thought I had a few hours of video, only to find out that my battery died after less than 10 minutes recording. Lesson learned there. Anyways here's a few pictures from the trip including my "monster" trout.

Poor little guy. The hook set sent him to the pool below me. At first I thought I missed him and then there he was. I can't believe he actually got the fly in his mouth.

One of the better size brookies I've caught up there. This one had been eating well. He was a bit "plump" compared to others I've caught up there.

I dug around and found this picture from my trip last year. Probably toward the end of August. The weekend after I ran into this one I made the mistake of cutting thru some high grass to get back to a trail. I stepped right on a large black snake. Lucky both times I guess. The rattlesnake didn't want to be bothered and the black snake just hissed at me.

Be careful out there. A slippery rock isn't the only thing you might step on.