According to the Gumpy Old Men of America (GOMA), there has been yet another despicable attack by an otter on a human. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks have posted an otter warning sign on the bank of the Madison River west of West Yellowstone following an attack there on July 9th.
Not much is known about the attack other than an unidentified woman received numerous otter bites to her hand while near the Madison River Bridge. There is an unconfirmed report that an angler was also attacked in the same vicinity later that night.
Sydney Sainsbury of West Yellowstone is recovering after what's been described as a "vicious" attack by an otter.
Sainsbury was floating the Madison River on July 9th just north of West Yellowstone when she noticed the otter about 20 feet away.
Before she knew it, the otter attacked, biting through her hand, her finger, and her face, and scratching her legs and arms.
Friends nearby were able to finally help fight off the animal, but not before several injuries requiring stitches and breaking her hand.
"And it was just on me, it was just attaching itself to me and biting me so it was really hard to get it off of me and that was what was really scary was being mauled by like a rodent type animal that I was never scared of before," Sydney recalled.
FWP has posted signs in the area warning of the danger.
A press release from FWP says: "While otter attacks are extremely rare, these are wild animals and they can be aggressive making it especially important for people to keep a safe distance from adults and their pups."
According to GOMA spokesman, Hector Usetabee, the great success of otter restoration to America's trout streams has moved beyond that of being a mere cottage industry. Hiho