I picked up a copy of the August-September issue of ‘Fly Fisherman’ magazine. I don’t usually do this, but the cover picture caught my eye….it was about fishing for browns at night. I love catching browns and the bigger the better. After reading the article, I was all pumped up about going….until I mentioned it to my wife. She flipped her lid about me going fishing at night for safety reasons. I can understand that, and there are certainly some precautions to take (like going with a buddy, wearing a life vest, going to familiar waters, etc.). I let her know that I would be safe about it (and I was being honest).

So, my questions to the board are:

Does anyone around here fish for trout at night (besides the bait chuckers)? Any tips you’d like to share? Would it be worth my while to go, say at the Clinch? I’m picturing myself throwing pretty big streamers out there – would this be productive? Has anyone been crazy enough to float a tailwater on a moonlit night? I’m assuming that summer would be the best season to try it – fair to say? Are there any safety precautions to take (outside of what I mentioned previously)?

TN Jed