Took my 7 year old daughter up tremont this morning. Ran into an old high school buddy I hadn't seen for 18 years at the trail head! Water was a little high but very manageable, but not with a 7 year old girl. We fished about an hour. Caught one small rainbow and then proceeded to turning over rocks. While doing that a family of otters came right down the creek at us. A momma and 2 young uns. They didn't notice us until they popped up on a rock about 10 feet from us. They saved the trip for my daughter. She wants to go again now.

I was looking on the trail map and can not find the trail we were on. I can't even find thunderhead creek labeled anymore. Why isn't that trail shown on the park map? We ran into 2 guys loaded down with gear for camping but a shelter isn't shown on the map. Maybe they were going all the way to the at and going to a shelter there but that would be a long, long hike. Plus climbing thunderhead mountain would likely kill them! Does anyone know of a map that shows that trail?