The Aug/Sept issue of Southern Trout Magazine will be out in two days. It's our biggest issue ever. Along with a couple of Tenkara pieces, there is an article about Fred Turner and his maps, plus some great fly info on patterns and hex's.

We continue to tweak this project until it is as good as we can get it. For each issue we have also added a featured fly tyer (this issue is Joel Dean of Tennessee Traditional Flie) and featured rod builder (this issue is Cherry Log Rods, GA). Matt Green has a great piece on hex mayflies everyone will learn from reading. The cover on the issue is an Adam's Variant water color by Cindy Day of Knoxville. It is pretty stunning.

This is the 8th issue, and as always, getting it is free. Beginning soon we will be giving away some pretty ****ed good gear on a monthly basis to our subscribers. Be sure to take a look at us at

Mucho thanks to the Daniel and Begley's for allowing me to shamelessly promote Southern Trout. "

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