There have not been very many posts lately about fishing on the Clinch. I have been busy over the past month and with the release schedules, I have not been able to get to the river very much. I did get a chance to go this past Saturday, however.

Started at Miller's and caught a stocker on each a black, olive, and red zebra but nothing worked very consistently. I also witnessed not once, but twice 2 guys set up within 10 yards of me and start fishing. It took all I had to bite my lip both times and not cause a scene and I ended up leaving. I am not sure why people think it is acceptable to set-up and fish merely 10 yards from someone else and never say a word. The second guy walked to the end of my line where my strike indicator was and tossed his line directly over me and turned his head. Unreal.

I moved to the church and tossed everything I had and did not get the first bump.

Anyone else fishing?