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Thread: Finally a little fishing time for Reds

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    Default Finally a little fishing time for Reds

    Was able to get out this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday for a change, and saw some fish. Only really had one shot on Saturday, and did not get any other shots at fish. A nice 22.5 inch red on my LC Shrimp.

    On Sunday I went out and the wind was actually down, and the fish were out. I should have easily been able to catch at least 3 fish that I had great shots at......but only managed the one:

    As I said I had multiple shots at fish, but I must not have been holding my mouth right. I am going to try and post some video I took of the fish I did catch on Sunday. I was a little disappointed with my performance....the weather conditions, i.e. wind, could not have been better. With the way the wind has been blowing lately this was a great wind day and I should have done better.

    I apologize ahead of time for the video not being too steady....hard to film and fight the fish at the same time.

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