Nathan and I headed up to Greenbrier to chase some Brookies and to thin out the rainbow population a bit. As we hiked in I was glad to see lots of families out with young children. The numbers of tourists has been dwindling also the last few weeks making it much easier to get around

No pictures or GoPro footage as I didn't want to mess with the GoPro and the new camera battery that was shipped to me was the wrong kind so they are sending me another. Hopefully I will have a camera again by next week.

We starting fishing where most people stop and worked sweet pool after sweet pool for more than a mile Fishing was really good where I think we took 6 or 7 from one pool. I know I had 5 from another pool. This was very refreshing as most of the fishing this year has been 1 or 2 per pool maybe 3, whereas in all previous years I remember being able to pull double digits on super optimal days, and multiples in pools were common place. Not many big fish unfortunately, although I saw a monster Brookie that swam up to inspect before flashing away. Couldn't even temp him after that. Definitely caught more on the dropper today. We made it to the "exit tree" pretty early so we decided to head up Buck Fork a bit. Unfortunately all the prized hemlocks up that way are pretty much dead. We made it 1/4 mile up but at the top of an island where we could see 6 hemlocks crossing the creek in less than 50 yards we decided to turn around. We climbed back down Buck Fork to the exit tree and found the manway. Crazy to think a manway that looked like Sam's Creek manway 8 years ago hardly gets a trace of use today Luckily we were only displaced for less than 5 minutes this time with no major fights with the rhodo Finally made it back to the creek and hiked across to the trail for the hike out. I tend to hike at a pretty good pace (ask Mac), and was amazed on the last .75 miles back to the trailhead that another family of 4 managed to stay ahead of me. I don't know if I looked scary all camoed out and they were just trying to maintain distance, or if they just didn't want to be out-hiked. After more than half a mile I had to try and catch up, and finally did catch them at the bridge, where I told them they were the fastest hiking family I had ever seen in the Smokies! They responded, we're hungry and we need to hit that bar-B-Q joint. I told them that's an great place

Another "Great Smoky" Day