I decided to hit a flat on my way home from work. The tide was late, 9pm was the high where I was fishing, and I was there way too early. I piddled around at my vehicle, changing, and getting ready for as long as I could, then went ahead and walked out. The water was still a good three feet from being on the flat so I found a log to sit on to wait. The wind was blowing a gale 25kts or so, and as I sat there for about 45 minutes I started to ask myself what the heck I was thinking.

I did watch some fiddler crabs for a while, and even saw a very small one:

After about 45 minutes I finally walked over to the grass transition line, and I was just getting about 5-6 inches of water along the edge. The wind was really blowing, but I immediately saw a fish, and put the fly in front of it several times, but the fish just did not see the fly. I moved around some more, and saw several more fish, but they were really difficult to track due to the wind and rough water. Finally I saw a nice fish tail, and was able to track it long enough to get a cast in, and caught this nice 25 inch red:

I spooked a couple more that swam up to me without showing, and now the water was getting too deep, so I moved from that spot to another that had a little bit of a wind break. From about 60 yards away I spotted a really nice tail, made my approach and with my first catch hooked up with a really nice red. It ended up being 29.5 inches:

It was also a tagged fish. This was my first tagged redfish.

It ended up being a great evening, even having to fight the wind.