Last year purchased a used Drift boat. After a lot of attention and work in getting it river ready and some personal touches and I must admit its hard to get away from the tailwater drift gig when theres no hiking involved.



A day on the river with my 2 oldest

After seeing a Brown Trout portrait, attempted a boat wrap. It worked!!

Whole different arena Drifting but had to get back to the mountains today.

I thought the water would have been a lot cooler than the 65 degrees that we've seen in the Hiwassee.

Wondered which came first.....the net or the rod when I looked back at this pic.

On my hike in, this was not where it was when I took the picture(middle of the trail). Just couldn't get close enough for a better picture. The weight inside caused the branch to lower it to the trail while I was fishing. The nest was a complete powerhouse of energy moving around on the ground!!

Anyway, great day in the mountains and I sure felt the effect of the hike after not hiking lately. Humbling to say the least.

Thank You,