Hello everyone! Just thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself. I hail from south-central Pennsylvania. I'm an avid small stream fly fisherman. I enjoy chasing our native brookies (specs to y'all) around our freestone mountain stream, but also enjoy the challenges of our central PA limestoner like Letort, Big Spring, etc. I spend a lot of time (and learned to fly fish) in the north-central PA region fly fishing tight mountain streams.

So when I thought of the perfect small stream experience for me to attempt this coming fall, I immediately thought of fly fishing the Smoky Mountains! Chasing wild rainbows around on those small mountain streams is a chance I don't get in PA. Our wild rainbows are usually confined to the limestoners...to do it on small mountain freestoners excites me (not to mention catching some of your native brookies, which I believe are "more native" than our breeds up here!).

My father and I will be heading down your way on Oct. 10th to fish through the weekend. We will be staying at Smokemont campground in the park, and this website has been/will continue to be a great resource for me. I thank you all in advance for the help! If any of you make your way up to PA, let me know and I'll gladly share any information I can w/ you!

PS-I fish w/ glass. Anyone else in that club!?