I'm coming down in October. I'm stayin' at Smokemont, in the Oconaluftee River watershed. I'm a small stream fisherman at heart, it looks like in this watershed I'll have a lot of options w/in hiking distance from the campground. My father, who is coming with me, is a fan of "bigger" water (which is all relative I realize), so fishing the Oconaluftee appeals to him.

I've never been in the area before, so we have very little idea of what to expect! I'm not looking for spots, I'm more interested in tactics. I'm already planning to fish Bradley Forks, do the hike up to several of its tribs. In PA, our small freestone streams are still a dry fly game in October. I fish mostly w/ royal wulffs, adams, and elk hair caddis. Sometimes I trail them with PT soft hackles. Most of our major hatches are over in the Fall, with the exception of caddis a few olives on our spring creeks. Will this be a dry fly or sub surface game for the middle of October? Anything I should be absolutely prepared for?

I really appreciate this site already. If any of you are making the trek up to PA, please feel free to hit me up! I'll be glad to share any knowledge of local waters with you all.
PS-Should I be concerned about the spawn? Our brookies and brownies spawn in the Fall, though they usually start later in October/early November. I certainly don't want to be fishing over spawning trout.