Here's the deal. I had a new hat sent to me the other day. It has all the makings of being lucky; open country camo pattern, embroidered deer head and antlers on the front, HuntingGPSMaps embroidered on one side, Sitka embroidered on the other. It's made out of some sort of space age fabric and feel electric to the touch (that's what she said). I plan on wearing it in Wyoming when I head out next month. But, I don't want to travel 2,000 miles to find out my hat is not lucky. So, I plan on giving it a couple test runs beforehand.

In addition, It's been awhile (a year or 2) since I've written a good, long, rambling, alcohol-induced fishing report. I feel a good one building up in me right now.

So, Here's the deal. I'm headed out to fish Sunday morning through most of the day. I'm undecided on where I want to fish yet, but it will be outside the Little River drainage. I've hit a rut and haven't fished outside the LR area in awhile. I plan on being at the trailhead as close to first light as I can get and hiking in a ways before fishing.

I've been reading all these reports from posters that are either new to fly fishing or are new to the area. I wouldn't mind taking someone with me and documenting the trip in the form of a fishing report. There are a few things that would be required of you if you wish to come.

1. Must be capable of hiking a few miles.
2. Non-smoker.
3. Must not be a wanted felon. I plan on taking pics and posting them on this forum.

My fishing report will be a proper fishing report according to the laws and rules on how to make a proper fishing report.

So, if any of you newer guys are wanting to fish on Sunday, just let me know. If none of the newer guys want to go, maybe one of you regulars will want to.