Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum (actually I've been eves dropping for a year) and I am spending more and more time in the park fishing. I'm originally from Dalton, GA but now live in Birmingham. I grew up camping and fishing in GSMNP but just recently am reconnecting and doing lots of fly fishing! My question is about the stretch of the Little Pigeon up from the Chimney's area. I want to fish this section in a couple of weeks but I'm worried about getting down in there by myself. I'm in good shape, I have spent lots of time in the woods, but I still find myself hesitating and looking to maybe spend a day way up on the Little River. I have all day to fish. Can anybody shed some light on exactly HOW BAD it really is in there, and conversely HOW GOOD it can really be for the person who makes his way up through there. I've gotten some really good advice from a local guide who I trust and he's warned me and also given me some safeguards to follow if I insist on going there. I think it would be great, but I don't want to get into a bad situation or just simply be stupid about it. Any advice would be very much appreciated.