Had a good tide Friday, but it was high at about 1730, so I knew I would only get about 20 minutes of the incoming tide by the time I got off work and got out there. I decided to head to a series of flats that I fish from a kayak. This flat normally fishes for a good hour of falling tide, so I knew this would be my best chance of getting some fishing in. I got out there and there was already water everywhere, and the wind was blowing. I tried along the near bank, but the water was just high, so I had to turn out toward the main river. I did, and as I got out there a thunderstorm started to blow in. The clouds were black and the lightning was starting to get closer. I had to make the call to head back, unfortunately this meant a good 30-40 minute paddle. I started on my way back and the lightning really started coming down.....and wouldn't you know it her is this redfish just tailing away, right in front of me. I couldn't help it so I staked my kayak and got out. I had to circle around to the right just a bit so that the wind didn't put my fly in the back of my neck.

Made one cast, the fish turned and did not see the fly. Made my second cast right on the fish's nose, and he had it as soon as it hit the water. I horsed him in a little, but by now the lightning was getting really close, snapped a quick picture in the kayak, then made the call to get my not so smart self out of there and back to shelter. He ended up being 24.25 inches.

On Saturday I got a chance to go out to another flat with my Friend Paul. We were a little late getting out there, but I was just pointing out what was a favorite part of the flat for me when we started seeing tails. Paul was working a couple his way and I continued down the other side. There was a tail and I said he Paul, here is a fish. I had a Battalion Commander tell me that it was always better to be lucky than good, and he was right. Paul turned to look and I made a perfect cast, and half a strip and the fish was on:

He was a nice 23 inch fish. Not long after that as I was watching a bunch of bait push into the flat off a point, I see this monster wake coming right at me, cast to the fish, and it was fish on. This fish really gave a great fight, and when I landed him I saw why, he was 31 inches: