Flows are down to fishable levels after a healthy runoff earlier this summer. I've started fishing small streams a lot more lately. Dry flies have been the name of the game on just about every stream I've fished. This particular stream has fished well with Parachute Adams so I haven't seen the need to try much else.

Lots of brookies came to hand on this particular trip. I fished until the big fish quit responding and I figured I was fishing used water. Further down the drainage I managed one brown and one cutthroat for the hat trick.

Here are a few pictures.

The stream.

The brookies are starting to color up for fall!!!

The nice brown. He came out from under a dark rock ledge after I had fished the whole pool and was wondering where all the fish were. At first I thought I had a monster brookie on...

My surprise cutthroat! I was not expecting this fish since they are not found this low in the drainage in any numbers. It was a nice way to wrap up the day.

Parting stream shot...