The plan today was to check the area above Metcalf. Brownie and I were out scoping out the brown territory getting ready for the fall. We caught a few rainbows and I caught a small brown. After all the excitement at noon (check back for that report tomorrow when Brownie loads up the pictures) we decided to leave on a good note. I headed back to Townsend to grab something to eat and started thinking that all I needed for my Grand Slam was a brookie. A quick drive up to Tremont and a steady fast paced walk got me in Brookie waters. 2 casts in and I finally got my Slam.

First I got my rainbow. Not much of a surprise to get one of those.

Then I got a little brown. I've only caught 2 browns in the park so this alone for me was exciting.

Sorry for the blurry pictures but I was exhausted from my almost sprint to the second crossing of Sam's Creek and I didn't realize the focus was out of whack.

Today was amazing day in the park. The Grand Slam was only half the story.