Not bad for your first brown in the park .

That was one exciting trip. The planets aligned for us.

As he said the day was really just intended to do some scouting work. We were just pull off hopping looking for the deep holes and I was showing him some spots that I've seen the browns spawn in the fall. We rolled around to a spot that I've seen fish in before but I honestly thought it was cause. You can see the fish but its very hard to catch them. We saw a couple of small browns and a bunch of rainbows and figured why not try to catch one. I was working the tail of the run and Brownie was up toward the top of the run. I bet we were there for about 10 minutes before Brownie realized "that isn't a log on the bottom". When he took the worm and spit it out I was for sure it was over. He kept on trying so I thought it best to quit fishing and just watch him work. Would have been my luck to catch a 6" rainbow and it run up and spook that brown. The "Magic Medusa" worked and the fight was on. A couple of times I was worried that fish would break him off in the rocks and when he went in that deep hole I just knew it was over. But then he just shot out and started jumping around. I went to grab my net but realized it to small. Brownie was working the fish and I was trying to detach his net. I had to scale down a small wall (that wall if full of snakes btw) to get to the water and I just sat and waited. The brown refused the net a few times but when he finally went in, I was relieved. I was like a kid on Christmas morning looking in that net to see what present Brownie had in that net.

Congrats to Brownie on one great fight and one very exciting day for me. I wasn't the guy on the end of the rod but I felt just as proud to be a part of it. I only had to crawl thru one snake to net it but I would have crawled thru 10 if I had to.

I say mission accomplished. Brownie caught the big brown and I ended the day with my first grand slam. I'd say its going to the first of many good trips to the park.