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Yes I make at least one annual trip each year for around 8-9 days, I kinda grew up and spent a lot of time on the NC coast area and later had business that kept me going to the area. I surf fish hard core for flounder, will post some shots once I get settled back in , just got home and back to work Monday. I want to fly fish down there but have a tendacy to go with what I know, and do traditional surf casting with 7ft and 9ft surf rods. I tend to target flounder, kinda like trout you can cast and hope for the best or learn to work a grid and hone in on them. A former charter boat captain and his wife have just opened in March, a small flyshop in Atlantic Beach NC, so I stopped in and bought some flys that a guy up north sells them, they were designed to use to target stripers and big stuff up north. Thought they looked cool and would maybe work on some large tailwaters around here I'll post some pics of those later with some flounder shots. These folks are like Byron, Paula, and Daniel super nice locals who love the sport and are now doing estuary and ocean guided trips, including fly fishing for sharks (yikes!), reds, and whatever else is running. This is the Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle area, literally an island with the state port on one end with a jetty and Emerald Isle on the other with miles of surf and piers and back bay areas behind it. It's all about boats, fishing, surf and every kind of seafood available, family oriented and no roller coaster in sight! As far as your fish the first thing I said was the acrynom for the beach down there they use for marketing the Southern Outer Banks (SOBX)!
LOL SOunds like a great time!