Saturday I decided last minute that I would go fishing. Afterall, it was opening day for the Greenbrier road, and the fish have had rest and no sore lips for a couple of weeks.

I tried to get the usual suspects to fish, but some were out of town, had plans, while another chose picnicking over fishing I even texted a few LRO members but they already were on the water, or hanging with family. So off I drove to the mountains.

In trying to keep my post more "proper" here is the shot on the way.

Don't see these everyday!

And if that's not familiar I bet this is. Least I was turning in Sevierville

Now I'm supposed to give you a hint shot. I call this Big Tree on top of Big Rock

Not sure why I'm supposed to put this next pic but here goes.

It felt nice and cool in that last shot

I didn't take a pic of the trail, but there was a deer crossing the road at the trailhead. Hope that's good enough

I put in a little lower than I typically put in. After 10 minutes of some sketchy climbing which included a 5 foot leap over a 15-20 foot drop I soon realized why Freddie had his in point a bit upstream. Didn't take a pic until I was above it

Sweet water right above it. The first hole I first fished is in the background of the above shot.

Not much of a start but a start none the less

And my first Brookie

Here's you some waterfall and plunge pools

And back downstream

Will continue