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Thread: Fishing the Sinks early tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
    It is not a matter of the presence of large browns, but the presence of large populations of willing trout that 95% of the tourists target. Very few venture more than 1 mile off the roads in search of fish, and even fewer spend the effort targeting the large browns like you did recently. So my recommendation was based on the fact that I want to give a visiting angler the best opportunity to catch trout.

    I have attempted to find large browns up and down LR, and have spotted them numerous times. However, I have not yet been deserving enough of such a prize.
    Thanks Travis, I understand where you are coming from with your post.

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    Thanks Shawn. I tried some of that good advice, but had my sinker draging and kept shortning it but not short enough. Will try the rest of the flys next trip.

    Always appreciate the help you post! Maybe meet up some day on the river and you could give me a rowing lesson and I could learn watching you catch trout.


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