So yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a late afternoon-end of day trip to the land of 6" fish. I was a little worried about traffic, but by and large it was ok

I knew the water level was going to be low, but this was the lowest I have seen it all year

So hiking up the trail, I came across this guy with his head down a hole, but he peeked up when I stopped hiking

I guess I disturbed his lunch

So hiking up further I passed two people that had just finished fishing, and they had done the stretch I intended. I figured I had two choices, either go higher and fish more likely unfished water, return via the manway or stream depending on far I get and likely hike out in the dark, or stick with my original plan and hope the fish had settled down enough. I opted for the second option, because that way if the fishing sucked, I could blame them.

When I got down to the stream, i nearly stepped on this...

Oh yeah, I did eventually fish.

The first pool, I caught the first fish of the day, a baby brookie.