After having been rained out of two trips in July I decided to take an extra day while visiting my son at college. Left Florida Wednesday afternoon and got to Elkmont around mid-night. Camped in the back of my car in C section. Cool temps and the sounds of the Park at night were a relief.

On Thursday I fished the upper half of the campground and managed to lose several nice fish while landing several rainbows and a brown....even early in the day I was only fishing a caddis attractor. I didn't have a lot of time to spend hiking so I opted to fish part of the WPLP gorge below the Chimney's picnic area.

The lower water is a blessing in this stretch and makes for much easier fishing. It was almost 11 by the time I got back on the water. I have posted many times about using bigger terrestrial this time of to practice what I preach I tied on a 14 PMX in yellow and set off. I fished until about 2:30 when I crawled back to the highway.

This was the first opportunity I have had to fish a little bamboo rod I picked up last Christmas. While I lost several nice fish and had one take my first fly I guess I brought 40-50 trout to hand while in the gorge. These fish love this big part about it is it is so easy for an old fisherman to see. Sometimes there would be 2 or 3 fish to a pool...

Since I had to drive over the Gap to get to my brothers I stopped just above the loop and picked up a nice little brookie to complete my slam for the day. The temps were perfect and drove the rest of the day with the windows down.

Sorry there are no photos but I left my camera in my fanny pack and I only fished with a lanyard that day. This is the best time to fish the park right now....during the week there are very few fishermen or visitors....but won't last for long.