This article is specifically talking about the problems that farmers are having with the Elk, of course they knew some of these things were coming when they introduced them. Out west, they build specific fencing that is "Elk proof", also very expensive.
Anyway, reading this got me thinking, it's odd that I haven't heard of anyone having a run-in with one while fishing. I say that because they don't seem skittish like a white-tail deer, and they're way bigger than a deer. Seems like if one got spooked, or considered you a threat, say, during the rutting season, they could do some serious damage! I saw 2 of them on Raven Fork this summer and they're huge. I personally am more leery of them than a bear, the bear I at least have some idea of how he is probably going to act or react. Those Elk weren't scared of me at all, and to me that seemed dangerous in and of itself.
Anyone have experience with them? I remember seeing someone post pics from Cataloochee a while back of some while fishing.