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    I have a few days until I have to be to work...and for once I have just a little coin in my pocket, so I decided to hit some water I've never been to before. 2 hours and half a tank of gas later and I finally arrive at my hotel. I really like the view.
    I wasn't doing very well on the first run and just as I was about to move down river some bait caster low holes me. I knew there was better water down the road from previous scouting:

    [IMG] gFAZ*VEWvyOyB6vh7UtMJhTFBdwQ-Dwcq2a2gE643DuqdI/IMG_20130912_130114.jpg?width=437&height=600[/IMG]

    I'm off to dinner and will hit the run behind my hotel room in the morning and then further up the mountain at lunch.

    To be continued.
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