I try to hunt a few times each season. It's kind of like fly fishing, not nearly enough!!
I mostly hunt Bobwhite around southern VA and northern NC, work in a couple of trips in late winter up along the Blue Ridge of VA or Shanandoah
for the Ruffed Grouse. I've always wanted to hunt Pheasant, never been. I have a German Shorthair, she is about 8 years old now. Good dog, probably too close working for the Pheasant though since I broke her and trained her close for Grouse and we don't have huge fields around here so even the Quail dogs can work fairly close.
The Quail is a story in itself. I see all of the conservation efforts with TU and similar groups, and I'm a member of TU. Also a member of Quail Forever, QU, and Grouse Society. That's been my focus for about the last 6 years, planting and managing for the Quail on our farm. I've followed several programs, and am now working with biologists from the VA DGIF on the Northern Bobwhite Quail Initiative program. We've definately had some successes, just hope we can continue in the long run. I saw 2 seperate coveys of young (3-4 week) Quail this year, first time in 5 years I've had that pleasure!!
You would love to come visit here, my neighbor has about a 50 acre Rabbit pen/ training pen for Beagles. I've got Rabbits everywhere!!