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Thread: Hello Smallmouth pleased to meet you :)

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    Default Hello Smallmouth pleased to meet you :)

    I have had a great two months since I moved from PA and met some wonderful people.One of those people is Josh Pfeiffer from Frontier Anglers in Maryville. I first met Josh prior to moving down here when we were house hunting and did a couple of float trips with him. He is a great guide and knows all the water in the area extremely well and is also a really nice guy and lots of fun to fish with.

    Since moving here we have become friends and have been out fishing in the park several times chasing Big Browns which we both love to do.

    His other passion is Smallmouth Bass , I had never fished for them before so this week on his days off we went out on the lower Holston on two separate occasions so he could introduce me to this great gamefish.

    I have to say the fishing was spectacular , over the two days we boated 70+ smallies , Josh had several big beautiful fish with the biggest going 19 inches and I was blessed with some big fish too with my biggest going 20.5 inches.

    Even though I am a big Brown fanatic I have to say that small mouth bass are great fun to catch and very addicting, all my fish were caught on poppers at the surface ,the strikes were amazing and the small mouth bass is definitely a fish that punches above its weight! The 20.5 inch smallie was landed on a 7wt and I have to admit it fought harder than the 22.5 inch Brown I caught in the park last month on a 4wt. I have become a big fan of the smallmouth and on a hot sunny day when the Browns in the park are hiding I know where I'd rather be , watching big smallmouth crush my popper under a shaded tree

    Josh has private access on the lower part of the Holston and we didn't see anyones else all day long, I really suggest you contact him and experience this great section of river if you haven't already, it will leave you with a big smile on your face and an aching arm. Thanks Josh looking forward to our next outing!

    Here are some photos from the two days.

    18 inch Smallie

    Getting some practice on the oars

    Josh with a 19incher

    My 20.5 incher

    Open wide

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    Hey Brownie, Great report and pics. I've not really fished the Holston for Smalleys before , but after seeing your pics, I'm going to be there sooner than later. I had a blast on the upper Clinch a couple weeks ago and I'm ready to give it another go. From your pics, it looks like they are running 1 generator or am I wrong?


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    Thanks Mike, the water was falling out both days we fished it.

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    Smallies rival trout in a fight, that's for certain. Nice fish you guys got into. Looks like a ton of fun.

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    Hey Brownie,

    You guys are killing me. Nice post and pictures. Smallmouth bass fishing is my latest fly fishing passion. I have not fished with Josh all year. But we've done it before and I rowed that same boat while he fished, just like you. I'm jealous. Josh is tuned in to fishing for these fish. He's got it down.

    I'm glad you are enjoying living here and enjoying our/your waters.


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