Well today it finally happened. I got to go to the place I have been longing to be for at least the last 6 months or more. A place that immediately overwhelms your senses with its pristine beauty, but also a very rugged place that most should stay away from. With private land access that must be secured ahead of time, tribal water issues, and a few locals that are downright scary, it's a place that is hard enough to get into, and that's where you enter the paradox of Heaven and ****. Heaven to your senses, but don't get distracted because one bad move and the consequences are likely fatal (not trying to BS anyone).

Originally Nathan and I were planning to fish with his Biology Professor buddy, but he couldn't get free so I texted Freddie to join us. After a night of Margaritas and a bad UT game he almost forgot to join, but at the last minute came to his senses and met us. We headed past the hot rods, over the mountain, and filled up for some breakfast before heading to my buddies house to park. From there we headed past a few dogs and up the mountain for 700 or so feet. While the vertical gain is enough to feel like it will kill you, you dare not speak or stop as you hike past the scary neighbor's house. A man that threatened a good friend of mine's life, and I hope to never meet. We soon hit the mountain top and since we weren't totally defeated yet thought we might be up for a party. Unfortunately the party last year must have gotten too rough cause the party trailer decided to play Humpty Dumpy and took a great fall.

Guess we will have to stick to fishing for the day. Fountain Drink anyone?

Glad to be safely in the park

We dropped down too early, and thanks to Nathan dropping some waypoints last time on his GPS we reconfigured and dropped in a bit upstream to avoid a pool that is next to impossible to get up. Glad to finally see the creek.

Freddie was regretting wearing shorts after his Nettle-a-thon drop in. But who wouldn't want to drop in to this

A Sense of Awe and wonder.

I look over to the rock Freddie and I sheltered from a storm on one of my first trip here.

Here Freddie obviously remembered which pool I lost that 14-16 inch Rainbow in

First Fish

A beautiful 60+ foot cascade that if it was easier to access would have thousands of tourists flocking to see it

Freddie cautiously walks the plank to get to a sweet pool. I remembered how hard it was to cast and not lose your footing on the 45-60 degree slope of granite and I was happy to pass it up

Climbing more than fishing in this section. Unfortunately we remembered only after a tough scramble to the left that there was a easy place to go on the right. Here Nathan climbs up to an incredible pool

Will continue