Where are all the striper guys at?

Over the last few weeks I've noticed more and more stripers moving up higher and higher on the Clinch River than ever before. Over the years I've seen some large schools here and there but all of a sudden I'm seeing small trout death squads moving and killing trout.

Last week we had three trout on the line that were taken away from us by stripers and countless others that had stripers chasing them while we were bringing them in.

On Monday, it was like watching trout rise. As we drifted down river we watched stripers rolling and thrashing everywhere. Just like trout rising to a hatch.

It was a little concerning to say the least. I know we've had stripers migrating up river for a long time now....but I've never seen them this thick or voracious. Where are the striper killers at these days. :-/